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Top of the Stairs/Landing Area

About a month ago now, I swapped around some furniture pieces in my home. It’s funny what a big impact it’s had on the look of my house even though it didn’t cost anything. I have already shared my Family Room Makeover with you (you can catch up on that by

clicking here) and today I wanted to show you the landing at the top of my stairs.

This has always been a funny space to decorate and I could never land on a set-up that felt right to me. That is until I had the lightbulb idea of moving the bookcases from my family room up to this space. I can’t get over how much I love these bookcases up here, it’s like they were meant to be here all along. I got so caught up in the moment of moving things around that I forgot to snap a before picture…#badblogger.

Once we got these shelves up the stairs and securely attached to the wall, I couldn’t wait to start styling these babies! I kept many of the items the same but made a few small changes. Because these shelves were in our family room which is attached to our kitchen, I had some “kitcheny” items on display like my teapot and teacups, but when I relocated these bookcases to the upstairs, that didn’t make sense anymore.

Today I thought I would highlight what I have on these shelves now and show you some pictures of how I have styled them. Come along with me for the tour!


Even in this digital age, nothing makes me happier than turning the pages of a book. Whether it’s a novel or a coffee table book, there is just something about the feel of it.

Books are one of those things that I can get really nostalgic about. While we did do a recent purge of books that we no longer need/want, I will always keep and treasure the collection of family favourites that were on repeat when they were little. Like “The Day the Crayons Quit” and “Silly Doggy”…I miss those books! But it’s the board books that really get me!

I miss the days of snuggling and reading with my kids when they were babies and toddlers at bedtime. They are so big now…please excuse me while I ugly cry!


This landing area is the center of all of our bedrooms, so I love the idea of our precious memories on display here. I went with white frames because I thought they popped against the gray bookcases. I chose some family photos …

…As well as some prints that have special meaning to our family, like this Chicago print.

Steve and I moved there right after we got married and finished our graduate programs and that is where Kallum was born. This was such a fun time in our lives and having this print on display is a beautiful reminder. The other print that I love is this map of our neighborhood that was created by a very talented artist who lived here with her family for quite a few years before returning to Holland where she was from.

Baskets and Bins

The tricky thing about these Liatorp bookcases is that there is a lot of open space to fill. I like having some bins and baskets on the bottom to hide away things that don’t look great on display. I have hidden some of our books and games in these gray striped ones which makes the space look less cluttered.

Choosing esthetically pleasing ones helps to up the style factor, just make sure you have your shelf dimensions on hand when shopping.


No space is complete for me without some greenery, and this is one place where faux plants save the day. I am not the best about watering so to keep things simple, I added a few faux plants to the mix.

Decorative Objects

These might be my favourite elements when it comes to shelf styling…decorative items like candles, vintage pieces, sculptures, vases…the list could go on. Here are some of my favourite decorative items on display. First up, this vintage globe on the top shelf. I got it at a vintage market a while back.

I think I got this funky green picnic basket at the same market, the color spoke to me and I had to have it! This basket is empty right now but I could store some stuff in there if need be.

I have started becoming a collector of little houses. It started with this wooden set that I bought from Hearth and Hand for Target a few years ago. I recently got these little white ceramic ones from Target also, but they were a “Dollar Spot” score!

Personal Items

One last thing I want to share with you all is our post card collection.

I got this idea from my friend and fellow blogger, Casey over at The DIY Playbook. Everytime we take a trip as a family, I purchase a post card and scribble a few highlights from the trip on the back of it, as well as our trip dates. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it is so fun to peek through the collection and remember the places we have been.

Even if it’s just a weekend trip, I try and remember to add to our growing collection.

Well there you have an up-close peek at our bookcases. I am so happy with how these look at the top of our stairs. Now instead of feeling like an awkward space, it feels more intentional and styled. And again, it didn’t cost me a darn thing!

If you have any questions or comments, I always enjoy hearing from you! Write me a message below or shoot me an email at

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kerri


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