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We offer a range of services, from one-time home consultations to full room makeovers, and these are available both virtually and in-person. We specialize in furnishing and styling family homes, recreational properties and rentals. We love transforming a space through the use of furniture, paint, wallpaper and accessories. Scroll down to see our convenient service packages. Not sure which one is right for you? Book a 15-minute discovery call to discuss your needs or send us an email.

Virtual Interior Design Services

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 Homeowners can face many roadblocks and challenges when it comes to their home design goals. Uncertainty and overwhelm can bog you down and prevent you from making changes to your space. During this 30-minute virtual call we will walk through your design questions and challenges and come up with a plan to help move you forward. Whether it’s figuring out what to do with a tricky space layout, selecting furniture for a room or deciding on a light fixture - I can help you with sourcing and creating an actionable to-do list. This meeting takes place on Google Meet, which allows me to take a virtual tour of your home and also share my screen and shop online with my clients. 


 $150 +tax

Virtual-Interior-Design-Living-Room Design.jpg


Easily transform a room in your home with a design plan customized to your needs. In this collaborative virtual design process, we will work together to create the room of your dreams. The process begins with a questionnaire and request for inspiration photos. From there, we will virtually meet to talk about your space, your needs and your style preferences. Using the information you provide through photos, answering questions and the virtual meeting, I will create a room design collage with recommendations for what to buy and how to install it. After reviewing the design, you get one round of revisions where you can request changes, say for example a different coffee table or rug. After the revision is completed, you will receive a finalized 2D collage, a shopping list with clickable links as well as notes for installation. Request a detailed information guide about our2D vision board service by emailing

$895 +tax



If you don't see a virtual service to fit your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to to discuss how we might help you with your decorating project. Every homeowner has a unique set of needs and a specific budget. Perhaps there is a specific store you love and want to purchase from, as long as they have a website we can shop it together! 

In-Person Services

For clients based in North Vancouver and surrounding areas. 



During our in-home consultation, we will walk through your space together and discuss your pain points and design challenges. You can ask advice on room design, furniture placement, sourcing and any other design-related questions you have. We will share our ideas and make recommendations on how to move your project forward. A design assistant will take detailed notes which will be shared to you via email. This service is perfect for:

* homeowners who need some guidance but plan on implementing changes on their own.

 *clients interested in our A La Carte or Shop with Me Packages. This consultation is the starting point for all of our in-person services and provides scope of work details needed to determine the appropriate service and an estimate of hours/cost.
This service is for up to 2 hours on-site, travel fee is an additional $75 for projects out of our service area.


In-Home Consultation $495 +tax



The "A La Carte" package is a collaborative approach to completing your home decorating project. It is perfect for the homeowner who has an idea of what they want to achieve but needs help pulling all of the details together. 

Based off of our initial in-home consult, we will work together to create a design plan and vision for your space, shop and source the perfect furniture and accessories, and create a plan for any trade-work required. *Please note, all trade related work is to be managed by the homeowner. 

This service is appropriate for projects that require both room design planning and shopping/sourcing - think full room makeovers or new homes starting from scratch.


Service price starts at $750



During our in-home consultation, we figured out how to navigate your design challenges and identified both a to-do list AND a shopping list.
Now it's time for the fun for those recommended furniture and styling items!
Designed to help you select the necessary items to pull your space together, the "Shop With Me" service is the perfect add-on to our in-home consultation. It is a good fit for projects that are requiring one or two furniture pieces and/or accessories such as: rugs, wallpaper, lighting, throw pillows. 
Together we can visit to-the trade showrooms and/or any of the retailers that are suitable for your project. In some cases you will be eligible for a portion of my designer discount. 

Estimate will be given based on our in-home consultation


For the busy homeowner who appreciates a home that is beautifully furnished and styled by a professional. Whether it’s one room or several, we use our tried and true 12-step decorating process to select, source, receive, deliver, install and style the elements that turn a house into a home. Every full-service project begins with an in-home decorating consultation to discuss your needs and determine the scope of work. Based on this meeting, we can estimate the number of design hours required to help you achieve your home goals.  Book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to see if we might be a good fit for your design project!


Billed at an hourly rate of $150/hour

Reach out to book a service or request an information package

Full-Service Decorating Process

Over the years we have developed a 12-step system of project management that we follow for our full-service decorating projects. For specific details on our process, email us ( for a copy of our information guide.

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