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What is Virtual Interior Design and How Does it Work?

Virtual Interior Design, also referred to as E-Design, is becoming a very popular way for homeowners to approach their home decorating projects. It is a flexible, remote approach in which a Designer creates a custom furniture package with a mood board collage and shopping list that clients can implement on their own time and budget. Essentially clients are paying for a customized design concept from a Design Professional but implementing the project management aspect themselves. This makes the process much more affordable and is a great middle ground for anyone wanting some help furnishing and decorating their home, but not needing the traditional full service model.

Lot's of Designers, myself included, are starting to add Virtual Interior Design to their service offerings. If there is one positive thing that came out of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is that we all learned how to leverage the internet to connect with one another and to hone our on-line shopping skills! We as consumers have become more comfortable and proficient with on-line shopping, but that being said...buying a piece of furniture online can be a little daunting. Unlike ordering a pair of jeans online from The GAP, buying a piece of furniture online is a much bigger financial investment, one that you want to make sure you get right! Taking a pair of jeans back because they don't fit is no big deal. Returning a sofa to Crate & Barrel because it doesn't fit? Not easy, and also expensive as there will be a re-stocking fee and a headache involved in getting it back to the store!

Furniture is also something that can greatly impact your daily life, especially things that you are going to be using a lot, like sofas, beds and dining stools. Buyers remorse is a real thing, and getting some assistance with what to buy before "adding to cart" can save you time and money in the long run.

How does it work?

Well, like the name would suggest, Virtual Interior Design is a remote service and your Designer communicates with you via email, phone and zoom. Every Designer has their own process and way of working with clients, and I can only speak to my own process and tell you how I work with my clients. My One-Room 2D Moodboard Room Design Package involves an initial "Introductory Design Zoom Call Meeting", the creation of a customized design plan, a second "Design Review" zoom call for revisions and then the delivery of a finalized Design Plan which includes a 2D Mood Board Collage, a shopping list with clickable links and a set of instructions for implementation. Here is an example of a typical Room Design Concept:


There are many benefits to Virtual Interior Design, for both Designers and homeowners. I personally love being able to connect with clients regardless of geography, from the comfort of my sofa, and I think clients appreciate that as well! Virtual Interior Design is convenient and flexible, and that is probably one of the main reasons it is gaining in popularity, we are all busy and juggling multiple balls in the air!

Another benefit is affordability. Yes, Interior Design is a luxury service and requires an initial up-front investment. However, it is much more affordable than Full-Service In-Person interior design. It also is usually a flat-fee one- time charge for a defined scope of service. I offer two different levels of Virtual Interior Design, and each one has a set price and list of deliverables. So home owners know exactly what the cost of the service is as well as what they can expect to receive. This is also beneficial for Designers, as it allows us to streamline our process and service offerings.

The last part to address when it comes to affordability is the money that a design professional can save you by helping you avoid costly mistakes. It's easy to fall in love with something online, but getting virtual design assistance will ensure that you will love this item IRL (in real life). When I am helping my virtual design clients select furniture and accessories for their homes, we are going to consider things like scale, style and dimensions to make sure each item is the right fit for your room. Using photo collages and floor plan drawings can help to visualize how pieces will fit into your home and work with existing furniture. Here is an example of a design concept that was brought to life:

If you think Virtual Design might be something you are interested in, or if you have any questions please send an email to


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