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Fall Decorating 2021


Happy second day of Fall everyone! It's been a few months since I have published a blog post over here, and I miss writing and sharing photos! Between moving and having the kids

home for the summer, I just couldn't get it together! I did start to write a post about our new house and how we were getting settled, what decorating choices I was making etc. but I still haven't finished that.

Our home is slowly coming together but every room feels very unfinished at the moment. Last week I started seeing photos on Instagram of my favorite bloggers sharing Fall decorating inspo and I was all "my house is still such a mess, I wish I could decorate for Fall but how can I when everything feels so unfinished". Then I realized maybe I couldn't decorate like I did last year, but there were some simple things I could do to welcome the season and celebrate some of my favorite elements of Fall. Today I thought I would share some of the simple ways I have decorated our "work in progress" home!


An easy way to decorate for the changing seasons is with some scented candles and soaps. A few weeks ago I treated myself to a gorgeous cozy scent from my favorite local source, Canyon Candle Co.

I bought the Lodge scented candle and was waiting until the first day of Fall to open it. I love to light a scented candle in the evening to help unwind at the end of a busy day!

I am also a huge fan of Mrs. Meyers products, and I love using the Apple Cider scent when Fall rolls around.

I used to always buy this scent at Target but sadly that is not currently an option. But for my US neighbors to the South keep it on your radar for your next Target run, and check out the candle version. I was so relieved when I discovered my favorite Fall scent is available at this Canadian website, I bought the "Mrs Meyer's Apple Cider Bundle" and got the dish soap, hand soap and all-purpose spray. I also stocked up on some other items because if you spend over $50 (not hard to do) then shipping is free!


Fresh flowers are always my favorite way to style my home, and it's nice to incorporate flowers that are in season. Dahlias have my heart and I haven't bought any yet this year. They always bring back fond memories of a styling and photography workshop I did with Tracey Ayton a few years back.

For my birthday, Steve got me a monthly flower subscription from a local florist and I got the most beautiful bouquet delivered this week. The colors and textures definitely had some Fall vibes! Check out the silky pampas grass!

We have the cutest hydrangea bushes in our front garden and I have enjoyed them all summer.

They were white but in the last few weeks have started changing color and they are so pretty. When my flowers were being delivered on Monday, Kamlia from Bloomier told me to just clip them and put them in a vase and they would dry beautifully! I brought my vases outside with me and got to work making an arrangement.

Doesn't it look pretty? I put them on our kitchen table and have been enjoying them so much, I hope they stay like this when they dry!

Speaking of outside, I have been dreaming of styling my new front stoop for the holidays since we purchased this home pre-construction last March. I couldn't resist making a trip to Michael's yesterday and buying some faux pumpkins to put outside the door!

I also love some potted mums and went with the white ones, I think they look so cute!

I am a sucker for symmetry so went with the same grouping on either side of the door, but then filled in the space to the right with some black lanterns.

I am loving the way this came together! Also, my striped jute rug was a budget-friendly IKEA score.

I came across these faux stems while unpacking a few weeks ago and couldn't resist displaying them on our coffee table.

All of these things I did are simple and make me enjoy my home just a little bit more, which is a win for right now because there is still so much work to be done around here before I can feel like it's decorated and "finished". I have decided to embrace this stage and not worry about things looking perfect. It's important for our family to feel at home and make memories in this space, and holidays and seasons are such a big part of that!

I hope I have inspired you with my simple Fall decorating. If you want more inspiration you can check out last year's post and see how I styled our Formal Living Room by clicking here.

Next week, if time and scheduling permits, I am hoping to share some new house updates with you!

Thanks so much for reading,



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