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Target Haul

Friends, last week Steve had a work trip to Las Vegas and I decided to tag along. It was my first time on a plane since covid shut the world down, and I was so excited to travel again! While most people think of gambling, nightlife and casino's when they think of Vegas, for me it was all about relaxing by the pool and finally visiting my favorite store in the world after an almost two year hiatus. We stayed at the Bellagio right on the strip and they have the most beautiful outdoor space with multiple pools, tons of comfy lounge chairs and a poolside bar!

It was a short trip, only 2 nights and one full day but I sure made the most of it! Here is a photo of me loaded down with shopping bags full of Target goodies, imagine the strange looks I got schelping this stuff through the lobby and casino at the Bellagio!

We all know the expression "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" Well that's not the case when what happens in Vegas is a major Target shopping spree...What happens in Vegas comes home with you! Thank goodness my friend Jamie leant me this magical bag that transforms from a small packable pouch to a full size spinner carry on! I just bought one for myself from their website, you can check it out here.

I shared lots of Target footage in my instagram stories and everyone was so excited about it. I thought it would be fun to share what I bought with everyone, especially us Canadians who have been so Target deprived for so long! I managed to bring a lot of stuff back with me, so let's break it down by category shall we?


Oh how I have missed browsing the clothing, shoes and pajama sections of Target! This sweater had me at the color and I am always a sucker for plaid!

I was wanting to explore a different cut of jeans and have been admiring the straight cut distressed look. I bought these jeans and love them. Such a steal at $29.99 a pair!

I also fell in love with this sweater right away, the on-trend half zip neck and the puffed sleeves were calling my name! I was torn on which color to get but in the end I went for the camel color one.

Next up, shoes! Have you guys noticed the "fuzzy slippers as shoe" trend happening? I bought these sherpa shoes but have decided to wear them as slippers instead of outdoor shoes.

I also bought this pair of mules, if only it would stop raining here for a hot minute so I could wear them outside!

For the Home

As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Studio McGee and because of covid, I hadn't yet seen any of their Target Collection in person. I had done plenty of viewing online but it was so fun to see their stuff in person. While I wished I had the room to buy more (the thought of renting a truck and driving home crossed my mind) I did manage to squeeze a few goodies into my bag. The holiday collection just launched and I bought two gorgeous metal trees, and then some Christmas stockings which already seem to be unavailable online.

This is a cute alternative! I bought this gorgeous throw blanket for my friend Jamie who is a fellow Studio McGee lover:

Next it was off to the Hearth and Hand Joanna Gaines Collection. I purchased these adorable wood bead garlands (hey are not available online but these ones are similar)

I love all the Textiles from the Hearth and Hand for Magnolia line and I thought this table runner would be a fun colorful addition to my new dining room.

I am trying to incorporate more blue to my new home...I actually just ordered a blue velvet sofa and I can't wait to see it!

Speaking of blue, I am also using it as an accent color for my bedroom so I bought these fun hand towels for my bathroom. I also love the sheets from Target and I bought this set for my bed. I often gravitate to basic white duvet covers and then add some pattern and color with sheets and pillows.

Coasters are a go-to coffee table styling item and I bought two sets, one for the holidays as well as this black set

The last home decor item to share with you is this set of 3 taper candle holders.

Well I think that is it...can you believe I managed to bring all of this stuff on the airplane with me? Now that the land border is officially open I am dreaming of a Washington road trip. The only issue is that until the Canadian Government changes their policy and testing requirements to enter Canada, it's expensive and complicated to make a day trip because you need a PCR test which is $250! Hopefully they do away with this soon, and until then I am dreaming of my next Target shopping adventure!

Thanks so much for reading,

xo Kerri


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