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Styling My Round Coffee Table

It’s safe to say that I spend a great deal of time looking online for inspiration, and one of my favourite go-to’s is the Studio Mcgee blog. I am so in love with their traditional meets modern aesthetic, and their photos are my main source of “Pinspiration”.

styled_image2_7449d465-917d-4e16-bb53-66d9260ae676 (1).jpg

Image via Studio Mcgee

I also love that they share practical styling tips, and a recent post that caught my eye was how to style a round coffee table. You can read the full article by clicking here.


Image via Studio Mcgee

In this particular post, they gave a formula to follow (this is my kind of math!) and then some tips on what decor items to use. I decided to try out their suggestions on my own table and share the results with you all today!

I didn’t buy anything new for this little experiement, instead I shopped my home and came up with this vignette.

Most of the items that I used are simple things that most of us have kicking around like the books, candle and vase.  The math component to Studio Mcgee’s round coffee table styling hack is to “Give yourself a guide by creating groupings that lay out in a triangle shape. This keeps it looking visually interesting and full of dimension, and with purpose!”. This image really helped me to understand what “create a triangle shape” meant…


image via Studio McGee

They suggest to start with one larger item to act as a focal point. This bubble vase and faux eucalyptus has always been a favourite item on my coffee table, so that was an easy choice.

Once I had my focal point, I wanted two other objects to form a triangle shape. In this case, the other two objects I chose were actually groups of smaller items that read as one.The next item I incorporated was this minature cake stand with interesting items on it.

The other key piece of advice that was highlighted by the Studio Mcgee post is to vary the heights of your objects. So theAs you can see from the overall photo, the cake stand is just a little bit lower than the bubble vase. The final object in my triangle are the books and candle, which are lower than the cake stand.

I love the way this vignette turned out and I probably wouldn’t have thought to group these items together in this way if it wasn’t for reading the Studio Mcgee blog.

The last tip they mentioned is to “anchor” the bottom of your table if you have an open shelf, which I do. Now, I think the best decorative item you can use to anchor a bottom shelf is a cute white dog…

But if you don’t have one of those kicking around, a few baskets can do the trick, plus they are great for storage!

I had fun playing around with this “triangle formula” and it really sparked my creativity. If you give it a try, be sure to send me a picture of your creation. Happy styling!

xo, Kerri


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