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Studio McGee for Target

Hello friends and welcome to another week of “sheltering in place”. How are you managing where you are? We are doing okay, our self-quarantine is over so we are allowed to go for walks and out for essentials, while social distancing of course.

So exciting news for Studio McGee Fans, like me…they launched a line with Target over the weekend and I am dying. In case you aren’t familiar with Studio McGee, it is a brand created by Shea McGee and her husband Syd. Much like my other favorite husband and wife design duo, Chip and Joanna Gaines, this power couple has built a widely successful interior design business and brand. “Their studio is known for Shea’s design of beautifully elevated spaces that encourage clients to surround themselves with the things and people they love”.

I have been following Shea McGee for years and have always been a huge fan of her traditional meets modern style. When we took a road trip down the California Coast a few summers ago, I made sure to include a pit stop at McGee and Company, their tiny little home decor store in Costa Mesa. Even though we were travelling light with carry-ons only, I managed to snag a few items-a pillow cover and a frame and slip them into my little suitcase.

I have spent A LOT of time looking at the collection online and it is so good. My mission with my own business is to help people create beautiful and functional spaces for their families, regardless of their budget. That is why I get so excited about collections like this one and it’s killing me that I can’t go to Target and check it out in person. When Joanna Gaines released her line with Target, I drove down to Bellingham to check it out and was at the store by 8am launch day. #diehard.

Today for fun, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite pieces. I honestly love everything in the collection and I can’t wait until I can make a few purchases. To keep things organized, I have broken it down by category.


One of the things I was excited to check out was their pillow collection, and I was not disappointed! There are so many beautiful options in different shapes and sizes!

Floral Block Print Throw Pillow - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 5 of 5
Lumbar Two Tone Textured Pillow Green - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 2 of 7
Windowpane Check Pillow Cream - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 5 of 8


Studio Mcgee is known for using beautiful landscapes and soft abstract paintings in their designs. The art pieces for Target are so gorgeous. I fell in love with this gold framed beauty…

11" x 14" Framed Canvas with Molding Antique - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 1 of 8

And also this beautiful abstract piece, which already seems to be out of stock!

36" x 36" Treeline Abstract Framed Canvas - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 1 of 6

decorative accessories

Shea and her team are styling wizards and in this collection there are some great vases and decorative items to style any surface in your home.

11" x 14" Framed Canvas with Molding Antique - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 8 of 8


I was surprised to see that there are some beautiful furniture pieces, it was hard to highlight my favorites! There are some gorgeous console tables that would be a real show stopper in a front entryway, top-of-the stairs landing or living room. I have a soft-spot for black furniture so this table caught my eye…

Woven Drawer Console Table Black - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 2 of 8

There were tons of cute side tables as well. I loved this set of woven nesting tables!

Set of 2 Woven Nesting Tables Natural - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 2 of 8

faux plants and planters

I love decorating with greenery and flowers, and if you can’t have the real deal, it’s nice to be able to have some faux options. Like this pretty vase of flowers

16.5" x 12" Artificial Hydrangea & Clematis in Pot White/Green - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 2 of 6

Or this rubber leaf tree in a cute basket…

Artificial Rubber Leaf Tree in Pot Green - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 2 of 6

Another surprise was the collection of gorgeous outdoor planters and welcome mats for your front door. Our front door needs some serious love right now and I would love to recreate this whole look!

14.75" Ribbed Metal Planter Black - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 4 of 4

I had no idea that this partnership was happening so I was so surprised when I came across the news of the launch on Friday. Some say it’s a bit untimely to have released this line right now, but with all the items that are already selling out, I don’t think that is the case. Target is so good at making everything from fashion to home decor accessible to all, and that’s why I love that store so much.

We are spending a great deal of time at home right now, and many of us are trying to make the most of our spaces. The scary reality is that the economy has a pretty bleak outlook. So many have been laid off already, or like me, can’t continue their work because of social distancing. It’s going to be awhile before things return to “normal” and when that happens, I think budgets are going to be tight. People are going to want and need to stretch their dollars, so having beautiful and budget friendly options when it comes to shopping is going to be more important than ever.

I hope you enjoyed perusing this fabulous new collection of items with me and I would love to hear your favorites in the comments below. If you saw anything that inspired you, be sure to pin this for later!

Thanks so much for reading!

xo, Kerri


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