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Let’s “Silobrate”


I still can’t believe that I got to attend the Silobration not once, but twice. When I went last year with my girl Isabelle, I thought of it as a “once in a lifetime, dream trip”.

But shortly after purchasing tickets to attend the Bloom Bash Workshop in Dallas, the organizers announced that they were adding a “field trip” onto the workshop and that we would wrap up by attending the Silobration!

If there could ever be a downside to this day for me, its that I was not feeling very well. When I got home, I learned that I had walking Pneumonia which explains why I was feeling so poorly! But as I have mentioned before, when I am at Magnolia, I feel like I am being called home to the Mothership. So in this moment, even though I was sick, I was as happy as a freakin clam! A hot clam mind you, the weather was quite warm that day, I would guess around 35 degrees C. I was seriously grateful for my sunhat and dress which were directly inspired (ahem copied ) from Cassie at Hi Sugarplum. She did a post about this white sundress and I knew I had to have it. As Cassie recommended, I accessorized with some statement earrings, these cute pink and mint ones from Target.

As an added bonus to being at my equivalent of Disneyland,  I also got to hang out with these lovely ladies:

Ashley and Michaela are the creative geniuses behind the Bloom Workshop. Their talent and kindness seriously blows me away. Ashley is a photographer and helped me up my photography game so much! Michaela is an interior designer, so of course, I learned so much from her as well.

Because I have so many photos to show, I am going to keep the narration to a minimum…which is not easy for a chatty cathy like me! But here goes! First I am sharing photos of the grounds of the Silos:

the entryway into the Silos

shed in the garden beside the gardening shop

love this entry into the Seed and Supply shop

pretending that this is my porch!

galvanized container holding stalks of wheat, classic farmhouse!

This little potting shed is beside the Seed and Supply, look at the drying flowers!

love the multi-colored pumpkin display

love this green truck

the bakery, which I have yet to visit…the lines are soooo long!

Loved this cute flower truck which was part of the vendor fair

so pretty!

And now onto the pictures I took inside the store! When you first walk into Magnolia, the wall to your left is apparently called Joanna’s wall and she designs it every season-this is what another customer told me as we were admiring it together. It was really hard to snap a good picture because there were so many people coming in and out and obstructing my shot…#rude #JK!

Joanna’s wall

Yarn was a prominent material used in the displays throughout the store. That’s one of the things I love most about Joanna’s style is that she turns functional everyday objects into decorative elements.

She does this with books quite a bit as well.

love all of the vases in the store

love this little bud vase, Michaela bought this one!

I adore cloches and Spanish moss!

the iconic Magnolia wreath beside this fall inspired beauty!

the black and white table scape is soooo good!

I want these place settings for my dining room!

The store was stocked with all kinds of goodness! I honestly loved everything!

If you are a Fixer Upper fan like me, a trip to Waco will not disappoint! There is so much to do there, you could easily spend a few days poking around. I noticed, even from last year, that the area surrounding the Silos is really gentrifying and there are lots of cute shops and cafes!

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy! Did you have any favorite items? I can’t wait to see the Hearth and Hand for Target line this weekend, I am so excited that Joanna’s style is going to be so accessible!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

xo, Kerri


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