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Ikea Vimle Sofa Review

UPDATE: The Vimle sofa is now called the Finnala - from what I can tell online, it looks to be exactly the same sofa as the Vimle.

Hello friends!

I am excited to share an IKEA sofa review with you today. This is not a sponsored post and IKEA is not paying me to say nice things about their stuff, I just genuinely love my sofa!

Love at first sight

I first discovered the Vimle sofa when I was working with a client who wanted a stylish but kid friendly living room. She had two little boys under the age of 3 and we agreed that a sofa from IKEA with washable slipcovers was the way to go. The clean and simple lines of the Vimle was exactly what we were looking for in the space. You can read more about that family friendly living room project by clicking here.

My client was really happy with it and I was experiencing sofa envy! At the time we had a sectional in our family room that did not have removable and washable slip covers, and it was a real pain to keep clean. Between family movie/pizza night and the dog tracking in all kinds of dirt, our sectional had seen better days! So I cleaned it really well, sold it on Craigslist and bought a new Vimle (now Finnala) sofa and chaise combo from IKEA.

I am so happy with this new sofa and today I wanted to share 8 reasons why I love it, in case you are thinking of buying one too!

1. removable and washable slipcovers

So as I already mentioned, the biggest pain point with our previous sofa was that it felt impossible to keep clean. With 3 kids and a dog, our sofa sees a lot of action. (ie.dirt)

Being able to strip off the cushion covers and wash them has been such a game changer for me. I am so much more relaxed now that I know if (when) the sofa gets dirty, I can easily throw the covers in the washing machine. FYI, I just wash and dry the covers like I do with our other laundry. The only thing that is a harder to take off and wash is the frame cover...for that I mostly just spot clean the dirty parts

2. comfort

While being able to keep it clean is the top of my list, the comfort factor is the most important thing for the rest of my family. We find this sofa very comfortable and we spend quite a bit of time on it. The profile is a bit low and the cushions are quite firm so that is something to keep in mind when you are checking it out in the store.

3. fabric color

I love light, neutral colors so I chose the same “Gunnared beige” slipcover that I used in my clients living room. I find the name of this color totally inaccurate, it is a light grey and not beige at all.

I also want to mention that if you don’t love the existing slipcover options at IKEA, you can easily get around that problem by checking out BEMZ. This is a genius company that makes slipcovers for IKEA furniture and they have about a million fabrics to choose from. Check out this Vimle covered in velvet…so pretty!

4. versatile style

I love the clean lines of this sofa, it has a really classic and timeless shape. It’s like the little black dress of couches…except that it’s grey…but you know what I mean.  The shape really works well with any style from traditional to mid century modern. It’s all about how you style it! You can see I have accessorized mine with pops of color...

However, when I styled the Vimle sofa for my client, she wasn’t a big fan of color so we went for neutral colors but with lots of texture in the throw pillows...

and then introduced some pattern with this bolster pillow and plaid throw…

The styling options are endless, and I think the Vimle is a great "blank slate" sofa that you can incorporate into any home.

5. seating options

The Vimle (now Finnala) sofa comes in many different configurations - sofa, loveseat, chaise (like mine) sectional - there is really something for every space!You can check out all of the options with the new Finnala series by clicking here.

I decided to go with the “chaise”version of the Vimle sofa because I love being able to stretch my legs out when I am in lounge mode! Plus the chaise has hidden storage...which leads me to the next reason I love my sofa...

6. storage

Now this is obviously specific to the chaise model of Vimle (Finnala) sofa, but it is worth mentioning! The top of the chaise very smoothly opens and closes (so it's safe for little fingers) and inside is huge storage potential.

Any parent will tell you that having a hidden place to stash kid clutter is a very big win. We mostly use ours to store extra blankets and pillows, but when my kids were little, this storage space would have been crammed full of toys!

7. price

I firmly believe you do not need to spend a lot of money to create a home that you love and this is yet another example. For the stage of life we are at, with kids and pets, IKEA fits our lifestyle and budget.

We spend the majority of our time in the family room/kitchen area and it is important to me that this space is stylish and functional, and the Vimle sofa checks that box for us.

8. warranty and exchange

When it comes to return policies, IKEA is very very generous. You have a year to return their products! We bought an iron bed frame for our daughter from IKEA last year, and after about 8 months, the frame was terribly squeaky and it was disrupting her sleep. I was able to return it with no problems whatsoever and got a store credit. IKEA sofas come with a 10 year warranty so if you have any issues with your sofa, you can get a replacement...again, you won't find that kind of peace of mind anywhere else.

IKEA sofa for the win

So there you have it, there are many reasons to love this sofa. I am so grateful to have swapped this sofa for our previous one. The funny thing is, I got a decent price for our sectional on Craigslist, and it was almost a direct trade for the Vimle. Can’t beat that!

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! For more budget friendly decorating inspiration and tips, follow me on instagram

If you are interested in reading about other home decor products I love, check out this washable rug review!

Thanks so much for reading!

xo, Kerri


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