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Aly Velji Urban Barn Collaboration

I have exciting news to share - I am a guest blogger for Urban Barn ! Last week I shared a post announcing that I was interviewed and featured on the Urban Barn blog which was a really exciting honor.

I love blogging here on my own site and I pitched the idea of me writing some guest posts for the Urban Barn blog and they were keen to collaborate. My first post has just been published and it's all about my favorite pieces from their new Aly Velji "Wanderlust" collection. You can check out the blog post here.

In case you haven't heard of Aly Velji, he is a Calgary-based interior designer and fashion guru. His designs are a combination of modern and traditional styles with a global twist, hence the name "Wanderlust".

I had previewed the collection online, but was so excited to visit my local store recently and check out the pieces in person. Notice my sweater just happens to match the chair and my shoes the carpet and throw pillow, lol. Famous Designer Emily Henderson always recommends that if you are unsure of your design style, just look at your closet...this is a living example!

The collection is very different than the usual furniture and decor I am used to seeing at Urban Barn. In a recent conversation with Urban Barn's Marketing manager, I asked how the collaboration came to be and learned that the Canadian Retailer was wanting to introduce some "Designer" elements to their extensive collection of transitional home decor and furnishings.

Head on over to the Urban Barn blog to check out my favorite items from the collection and how I would style them in a living room space.

Here is a spoiler alert collage of my favorite pieces!

Let me know if you have any favorites from the new Urban Barn collection!

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