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Threshold x Studio McGee Favorites

I love Studio McGee for Target. Designer details at a budget-friendly price-point...what's not to love? I have added many many Studio McGee for Target pieces to my home over the last few years and I haven't regretted a single purchase!

As we settle into the post-holiday slump that is January and February, it's time to pack up the holiday decor and focus on creating a cozy space that we can retreat to over the winter months when the weather outside is gross.

I am an avid reader of the Studio McGee blog, and when I saw the announcement of the latest collection I couldn't click the link fast enough! I had fun browsing the new items online and as usual, there were lots of things to fall in love with.

In the design below, I started with a foundation of neutral furniture pieces, a neutral rug and then added warm, saturated earthy tones. Deep greens, warm browns and terracotta tones are all used as accents in this room design. I also can't stress the importance of having some greenery over the winter months to bring some life and energy into your space! If you aren't a plant person, there are so many great faux options. The other thing to mention is that you will see I have used gold and brass elements to add warmth to this design as well. The chain on the light fixture, the mirror, the bowl and the art pieces are all selected to add a little sparkle and warmth to the space. Everything is affiliate linked and if you purchase any of the items from my collage, I receive a commission at no extra charge to you.

I hope you have enjoyed this Threshold x Studio McGee round up! For more inspiration be sure to follow me over on Instagram and Pinterest.

Thanks for reading!



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