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We Sold Our House!

Hello friends, and holy moly have we had an exciting few weeks around here! Just like the spoiler alert title of this blog post suggests, we sold our house!

And now lets back up and catch you all up to speed on how this happened and what's next for our family! Last Summer we discovered a brand new house for sale really close to us in a neighborhood called Hamilton Heights, just on the other side of the creek and trails at the end of our road.

I knew from the listing photos that it was a beautiful brand new house, but when I walked into this new home I was IN LOVE and so was Steve. It had everything we wanted in a house and more in terms of layout and finishings- white cabinetry, wood open shelves in the kitchen and black hardware and lighting. You can actually look at that house by clicking here as it's still on the realtor's website (which is where I got the photos I am sharing). How about this's so pretty!

Anyway, we wanted to put an offer in on that house but before we could get our financing in order, it sold. I was really really really sad and kinda mourned the loss of it for months.

At the beginning of February, the agent remembered us and reached out to let our realtor know that the builder was building the exact same house in a different neighborhood, just a few blocks away from our son's high school (and the school Sadie will be attending this September and Stella the following year). Not only was this actually a better location for our family, but because of the stage of construction, there would be an opportunity for us to have some input on the finishings - a dream come true for me!

We put in an offer subject to the sale of our house and after a bit of back and forth, the builder accepted! We were so excited but also kinda shocked - the you-know-what got real fast! We mobilized and busted our butts to get our house ready for market.

We listed a week ago Monday (March 8) and within 3 days we were sold! The market is really hot right now so we had timing on our side. We ended up selling to a young family with a 1 and 3 year old. I am so excited for them because they have landed in such a great place to raise their babies! We are blocks away from an amazing elementary school, as well as playgrounds, daycares, preschool and an adorable cafe owned by a couple who live in this neighborhood. This has been such an amazing community for us the past 8 years and we are sad to leave. That being said, we will only be a 5 minute drive away and we will be coming back to visit our friends in this hood often.

As you can see from this photo, our new house still has a long way to go until it's completed.

The official date we take possession is mid September, although it will likely be done in August. We are lucky to have a really long closing date and we don't have to move out of our current house until June 17th. We have to figure out some temporary housing for a few months and likely find storage for our things. Lot's of change happening and I am trying to take it all day by day. Taking these two for walks in the trails and trips to the dog beach has been my stress therapy!

Later this week, I am going to be sharing the things we did to get our house ready for sale so quickly as well as some staging tips. Our real estate photos and video turned out so good, so I am also going to share those with you as well! Here is a sneak peek:

I am so excited for this next chapter in our Family's history book and I can't wait to document and share everything with you here on the blog. As you can imagine, I have a million decorating ideas in my head and have been pinning inspiration photos like crazy. You can follow my Pinterest saves by clicking here!

Thanks so much for reading, and let me know if you have any questions!

xo, Kerri


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