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Styling My Living Room for Summer

Well summer is officially here, although it sure doesn't feel like it here in Vancouver! We are experiencing a wet and rainy "Juneuary" here on the West Coast. Even though the cooler temperatures and persistent rain are not giving me the summer feels, I did add a few summery touches to my Living Room and I thought I would share them with you today.

This past Spring, I was having a ton of fun decorating my space with foraged flowers (you can read more about that here) and now that Summer is here, or so the calendar tells me, I wanted to switch things up a little.

I have been enjoying every second of Peony season, so I decided to use some of the beautiful stems I treated myself to lately, and incorporate them with succulents, which are one of my favorite plants.

This combination was inspired by a recent trip to a local gardening store, which I plan to share more about in an upcoming post, but let's just say I have found a new fave place!

Let's take a look at how I added some summer touches to my Living Room!

Decorating with Peonies and Succulents

The fireplace is the focal point in my living room, so let's start there. I substituted a pitcher and vase for the blue glass demi-johns that normally live on this mantle, and then filled them with peonies.

The vase comes from Amazon (they have some really great home decor!) and it is the perfect vessel for the bright pink peonies.

This mint green stoneware pitcher is from West Elm and I loved it paired with the soft cream peonies.

The black metal stand with test tubes is an interesting piece of decor I bought on my trip to Magnolia Market back in 2017 and it still makes me happy. The faux succulent stems bring a nice pop of color.

The other area I like to focus my styling efforts on is my coffee table.

I always have a decorative tray, some books and a scented candle on my coffee table, but I had fun adding in some succulents and a gorgeous arrangement of peonies.

When I spotted the succulent with the pink middle, I had to have it...I think it's so pretty!

I added a succulent arrangment to my side table as well, and can you believe this one is faux? It's from my favorite local store, Trims.

Pillows and Throw Blankets

Another easy way to swap our your decor for the seasons is with pillows and throw blankets. I bought this gorgeous new tapestry pillow and it was the perfect addition to my sofa.

Adding some lighter colors or floral patterns is a good way to embrace summer.

Changing things up for the season

There really is something to be said for making a few simple changes to your space, and if you are getting tired of staring at the same 4 walls (aren't we all) I would say treat yourself to some fresh flowers for a quick mood booster. Just a colorful arrangement from the grocery store can go along way to beautifying your space!

Shop the Look

If you found this post inspiring, here's a moodboard you can save, share or pin! See below for sources!

Thanks for stopping by my Living Room! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!

xo, Kerri


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