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My Living Room Styled for Fall

I realize we are VERY well into Fall at this point, but here's the thing, I am always late to the Fall party because I am a forever summer kinda girl. It takes me a few weeks to accept the changing seasons and embrace all things pumpkin spice!

I started planning my Fall decor during the last week of September and I shared this moodboard on instagram last week.

I concentrated the majority of my Fall decorating to my Living Room and I finally finished it off over the weekend. Today I am excited to give you a little tour and share some tips on how to style your home for Fall.

First up, let's do a little before and after! Most of my styling efforts center around my fireplace mantle as this is the focal point in the room. Here is how I styled it for summer:

And now here's a peek at how I styled it for Fall:

Styling my mantle is one of my favorite things to do. I play around with different combinations and really just try and have fun with it. I used 2 different sets of faux stems and then added in a few fresh flowers in the same color palette.

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, I added a few faux pumpkins and the little "Thankful" scrabble tile.

I really love the way my mantle turned out this makes me smile every time I walk past it!

Now lets take a little tour of the rest of the space...

I kept the coffee table styling simple - a pretty book, a little flower, marble coasters and a candle.

On the other side, a stack of books, a vase of pine cones and felt acorns, as well as my wooden beads.

I changed up the pillow configuration on my couch and also bought 2 dark grey velvet pillow covers from IKEA.

Another change I made to the room was to move my Dahlia prints on either side of my TV and move the black armchairs to either side of the fireplace. It's funny how just moving a few things around can make a room feel so refreshed! Here's what this wall looked like before:

And here is how it looks now:

Looking to bring some Fall style to your home?

Here are some easy things you can do:

1.Introduce some warm color tones

I took away the "cool color" decor items from my Living Room like the blue glass bottles, soft pink pillow/throw and faux peony stems.

I introduced some warm colors to the room and these faux stems from Target were my inspiration. I bought these last year - back when I was able to do cross-border shopping, sniffle sniffle.

I also felt drawn to this warm berry color and bought this new throw blanket and some stems in the same color - it's good to repeat colors throughout a room to create cohesiveness.

2. Include seasonal elements of nature

3.Create a cozy vibe with candles

I love all things pumpkin when it comes to food, but I am not a fan of it in candle form, I gravitate to the cozy woodsy scents when it comes to Fall.

4.Layer in some throw pillows and blankets

I have noticed something kind of fun happening in home decor, and it's a trend that has already swept the fashion world - you know those cozy teddy bear coats that became so popular last year? Well I have seen that texture creep into home decor this year! I couldn't resist this teddy bear blanket and bought it for my couch.

I also think velvet is such a cozy fabric for Fall/Winter and these cushion covers from IKEA are a total steal!

I really love the way my Living Room Fall decor came together. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading,

xo, Kerri


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