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Kitchen Counter Organization

Has anyone else been obsessed with the Netflix Show "Get Organized"? I have been following Joanna and Clea for years and LOVE their book "The Home Edit" so I was over the moon excited when I saw their show hit Netflix.

Organization is such an important component of home decorating because you can have all the pretty furniture and accessories in the world, but if you have to dig through a pile of clutter to see them, it does no one any good.

The Home Edit ladies have a practical and systematic approach that is easy for anyone to follow and they are the organizers to the stars for good reason! They don't just purge and "edit" clutter, the way they contain and label things is so darn pretty. Think gorgeous hyacinth baskets and clear glass canisters. They actually have a line of organizing products at the container store, click here to check it out!

Anyway, this show has inspired me to tackle a few areas in my home and I thought I would share one of my little projects with you today - the corner counter between my sink and stove.



I know this is a small little project and the "before" doesn't look that drastically different from the "after", but it was really cluttered and it bothered me every day. It's one of the most highly used corners of our kitchen, and the first place I visit every morning when I make my coffee. I am definitely a "first I make the coffee, then I do the things" kinda gal.

It didn't take me very long to tackle this area. I removed/relocated a few things and then added some new items, to make this little corner of my kitchen way more efficient and pleasing to the eye. It has had a major impact on my daily functioning and that feels like a big win!

The biggest problem was our compost bin and paper towel holder. These are very necessary items and while it was practical to have them on the counter, they were renting a lot of space and not very pretty to look at.

The other thing that was adding to counter clutter was the mis-matched coffee canisters, one of which had a broken lid.

We love our Keurig coffee maker, and I recently discovered re-usable pods. I keep our ground coffee in one canister and our pods and mini filters in the other. Kitchen Organizing tip - keep items that you use daily where they are easily accessible - for my coffee making supplies, that's right on the counter!

I decided to approach this space using the Home Edit method (I think Joanna and Clea would be so proud!) Here's what I did:

  1. I cleaned everything off of the counter and gave it a good wipe down

  2. I "edited" the items that were either broken or contributing to the cluttered look. I threw away the broken compost pail, donated our paper towel holder, and relocated the two mismatched canisters. I also removed the colorful sugar bowl, creamer and tea canister.

  3. Next up was "containing" my supplies. I moved the black wire holder (I think it is supposed to be a bread basket) over to the space beside the sink and used it to contain my soaps and counter spray - I am a die hard Mrs. Meyers fan!

I purchased two new matching canisters for my ground coffee and re-useable pods/filters.

I also incorporated a different creamer/sugar bowl set I had on hand, as well as a container for my tea- I have coffee in the morning then drink herbal tea for the rest of the day.

4.The last step was to style this little counter space. The Home Edit ladies believe that if you take the extra time to make a space pretty, you will be more motivated to maintain it and I couldn't agree more. I used a small wooden cutting board to anchor the creamer/sugar/tea items. I also incorporated the pretty green mugs which I didn't need, but couldn't resist.

The pretty flower was such a nice pop of color when I was photographing the space.

So there you have the details of my small kitchen counter organizing project and how I followed the Home Edit method to make it happen. Every time I use this little corner now, I am grateful that I took the time to make this function better. Organizing can feel really overwhelming but I truly believe that if you start with a small project, the satisfaction of completing it gives you the motivation to keep going!

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For more organizing inspiration, you can read how I organized my Ikea Alex desk drawers by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kerri


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