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Christmas Home Tour - Part 2

Hello friends and welcome to part 2 of my home tour. In my last post, I shared photos of our family room and kitchen, and if you want to check that out, click here. Today I am showing you the front part of our home, and you will notice it has a different vibe and feel that the areas I have already shared with you. As I mentioned in my last post, the family room and kitchen is where I display our sentimental decor and items that we have had for a long time. Many of these things are very whimsical and colorful!

While I love having those items in that space, I went a different route in the formal living and dining spaces. You will see that I stuck with neutral and paired down decorations and I rely heavily on faux greenery to provide color and interest in these rooms. But before we get to those spaces, lets look at the outside of our home!

Last year we hired someone to hang lights along the roofline for us and it was a bit pricey. It was probably a life saving expense because I can't imagine Steve or I climbing up that high!

As much as I love Christmas lights, this year I decided to focus on fresh greens to decorate our house and front porch. I learned that you can buy fresh garland by the foot at a local garden store, so I bought 28 feet of garland to hang over our porch entry. It's simple but I love it!

When you come in our front door, you see our stairs and I did faux garland here. I hung a string of vintage bells on the railing and again, it's simple but pretty to me.

We have a little cabinet at the front door, and I created a cute little vignette with my favourite white houses and bottle brush trees.

Off the entryway we have a powder room and I had to give that a few festive touches as well. The coral color rug and towels are pretty dominant in the room, and I had some colorful bottle brush trees that worked so well with the color scheme!

The Mrs. Meyers "Iowa Pine" is a holiday must in my house. I always buy the hand soap and candle for our powder room, and the dish soap and counter spray for the kitchen. It smells so good!

The next stop on the tour is our formal living room. The navy blue velvet sofa is the dominant design element in this room, so I used that as a jumping off point for how the decor should look in here.

You won't find a lot of red in this room, instead you will notice lots of gold and organic elements. Come and take a closer look! Here is our front living room tree. All I did here was hang some pine cones and these music cards. I bought a new Christmas Tree Collar this year from Crate and Barrel. It really fits the vibe of this room I think.

Here's another view...

And you can also spy the tree pillow, a Target find from this year.

Take a peek at the built-ins styled with some festive elements. You will notice lots of neutrals... love how it came together.

If you don't have a mantle to hang your stockings on, a bookcase or console table can work too!

The mantle is pretty similar to how it looked last year. If it's not broken, don't fix it right?

I kept the coffee table styling pretty simple, with some gold accents and a white poinsettia. I also included some tree scented candles tucked into a tray with some moss for color.

Our formal Living and Dining rooms are connected, and this is the view if you are standing by the dining table. I love the backs of our accent chairs.

I carried the faux greenery and neutral palette over to the Dining Space, with a few faux garlands and a faux wreath.

I also love the vintage demijohn with holly stems which connects the two spaces together.

I designed our tablescape using faux greens, woven placememats, white linens and dishes and gold candle sticks. and cutlery. This table feels so "me" and I love everything about it!

The wreath on the wall was an impulsive purchase from a Target trip back in October. Someone had returned it and one of the associates was about to put it back on the floor. I was like, "hang on a hot minute, and put that right into my cart!". I wasn't sure where I was going to display it, I just knew I loved it. The walls in our dining room are kinda bare (but not for long because in the new year I have wallpaper happening!) so this felt like a good spot. We also display Christmas cards and old photos around the door frame and it just works!

I think that about concludes part 2 of my Christmas Home tour. I hope you enjoyed visiting our home!

Christmas is officially one week away and the build up is the best part. I hope you have a really fun week and I wish you a Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading,



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