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Organizing Favorites

Well here we are at the end of the second week of January already. There is just something about this time of year that has me inspired to tackle all of the outstanding household projects and organize every nook and cranny of our home. Maybe it's the chaos and excess of Christmas that has me seeking minimalism, routine and order come the new year. I love decorating our house for the holidays but by January 1st I am ready to un-deck the halls and get things clean and tidy! Having organized systems in place really helps with this.

I am just as passionate about organizing as I am about decorating and styling. For me, they go hand in hand. You can't have a stylish space if it is cluttered and disorganized!When I am working with my clients, I always have organization and systems in the back of my mind (especially for families!) and it influences my design and sourcing. There are many thoughtful and intentional ways that you can incorporate organization into your decorating design plans with clever and sometimes pretty storage furniture and products. Like this gorgeous cabinet from Crate & Barrel that is on my wish list!

We currently have a desk between our kitchen and family room (pictured above) and despite my best efforts, it has become the dump zone...a cabinet with hidden storage would be just the thing in this area!

There are certain products that I have purchased over the years that I love and recommend and I thought I would share some of them with you today in case you are looking for a little inspiration and motivation to get your house in order too! Some of them are prettier than others, but they all play a part in taming the clutter around my house and keeping things tidy. A place for everything and everything in it's place!

Some of these products contain affiliate links, when you click and shop the links I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you


I am a sucker for a pretty basket, and the Sedona baskets from Crate & Barrel are both beautiful and functional. They are a bit of an investment but the quality is top notch and they are very sturdy. They come in several sizes and I bought the large ones for the bookcases in our family room . I use them to store our throw blankets and other random goodies that were floating around the room.

White Plastic Bins

Another organization workhorse, but way more budget friendly, I have these white plastic bins all over my house. They are from IKEA and come in several different sizes. My favorite way to use them is as an insert in our kitchen pull-out drawers. We are lucky to have two tall cupboards with several drawers, so I use these bins to organize and separate our snacks and kids lunch items...the grab-and-go kinda stuff. I also have them in another deep drawer to organize water bottles and lunch containers.

Bathroom Organizers

Bathroom counters are an area that can get cluttered really fast if there are no systems in place and products to contain the chaos. I like to use pretty storage items on the countertops and this is the set that we have in our principle bathroom.

This acrylic organizer from IKEA is perfect for my make-up and beauty products!


Canisters are another way to help organize items and look pretty while doing it. I lucked into this trio at Homesense and the soft green color is so pretty on our open shelves. I stash tea, electrolyte packages and hot chocolate in these babies. This white set would look gorgeous if you have wood shelving .

Clear Lidded Bins

Hands down, the Samla bins and lids from IKEA are my favorite storage bins. They come in a wide range of sizes, are stackable and some even come with tray inserts which is a feature I love. Clear plastic is such a game changer when you are storing stuff because you can see right away what each bin contains. I like to label the bins anyway because I am a bit "extra" like that. I buy this roll of chalkboard labels from Amazon and they come with a white chalk pen. Highly recommend!

Wicker Hamper

This basket is a bestseller at IKEA for good reason. It is pretty to look at but also the perfect size with a wide opening. I used to use it in our laundry room at our old house but now I keep it beside my bed and it is a catch-all for the throw-pillows on our bed, as well as my heated blanket and heating pad.

pic of Laundry room and pic of bedroom

Woven Lidded Baskets

Often referred to at the 'snake charmer basket" around my house, this baskets from Serena and Lily are worth the investment in my opinion! We use it to store bulky throw blankets in our family room. I love having the lid to hide what's inside - no need to fold the blankets when we aren't using them, we just shove them in and put the lid on. I have seen them occasionally at Homesense at a much more affordable price. I bought a small one from there last year and keep it beside our front door for dog leashes and umbrellas.

Glass Cabinet

Storage furniture pieces will be a whole other upcoming post as there are so many items to cover . But I did want to share the glass cabinets that I have in my office. They are one of those "look for less" items that I get excited about...especially when the budget is tight, which was the case when I was designing my home office. I use this to display pretty things , including these linen boxes for some hidden storage.

Acrylic Divided Lazy Susan

I learned about the divided lazy susan from the organizing experts at The Home Edit. They have their own line of organizing products available through Target, The Container Store and Walmart (US only). For my fellow Canadian organizing enthusiasts, you can purchase the Home Edit brand at Canadian Tire! I use my lazy susan to organize my sprinkles and food coloring collection.

Clear Food Storage Containers

I love clear, airtight food storage containers like the pop-top brand by OXO or these ones with clear flat lids. In our new kitchen, we have several deep drawers , several of which are in my "baking zone". I dedicated one drawer to baking ingredients and as you can see, the rectangular containers with my fave chalkboard labels make it so user friendly!

Wrapping Paper Storage

I bought this wrapping paper storage container several years ago and every Christmas I am so grateful that I did! It keeps all of our wrapping gear altogether and it is very portable so you can take it wherever you are doing your wrapping. I stock ours with wrapping paper (a great thing to stock up on after Christmas!) scissors, tape, ribbon, tags and cards. I just bought another one for non-Christmas gift wrapping I love it so much! I bought this grey one from amazon.

Rotating Desk Organizer

Similar to the rotating divided lazy susan, I love this little organizer on my desk. It's a pretty way to keep everyday office items within reach and helps to keep my desk tidy. I bought mine at Homesense, but have also seen them at Target and The Container Store.

Clear Plastic Lidded Storage With Tray & Handle

While the IKEA Samla bins are my go-to, I thought these bins from Michaels were worth mentioning as well. I like them because they have the tray insert as well as a handle on top, so they are more portable. I use mine for my organizing supplies and also have one set up for project installs.

If you like these products, pin them for later! The links are listed below for your shopping convenience.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my organizing products round-up! Follow me over on instagram for more tips, tricks and inspiration!

Thanks for reading!



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