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Holiday Styling Services

I’m so excited to announce that this year I am offering holiday decorating services! Without question, Christmas is my favourite holiday…the spirit of giving, the family traditions and all of the events and parties. It’s such a fun and festive time of year.

Decorating my home for the holidays brings me so much joy. I love pulling out our Christmas decorations and creating cute little vignettes around my home. Pretty much every inch of our living spaces gets a festive makeover…even the pets are not off limits, lol!

It never occured to me that Christmas Decorating doesn’t bring everyone the same joy that it does me until I was talking to some people about this last year.  And I get it, decorating can be time consumming and for some, downright stressful. So with that in mind, I decided to offer Holiday Styling Services this year! Maybe you are hosting the office Christmas party or you have guests coming from out of town. You want your home to be styled beautifully and I can help deck your halls!

Whether I am working with your collection of holiday decor or sourcing some new items, together we can create a beautfiul and festive home for you to share with family and friends. Here are some of the services I can provide:

  1. Tree Trimming

  2. Mantle Styling

  3. Creating a festive tablescape

  4. Party styling

  5. Shopping for decorations

If you would like to inquire about pricing or availability please give me a call at 604-209-1810 or send me an email to You can also check out the services page on my website. Photo credit for this post goes to Alexis Lea Photography, you can find her website here.


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